Simón WilsonFilm Composer
Best Musical ScoreLA48HFP 2019
Best Musical ScoreLA48HFP 2018
Why We Fight
No Matter How Small
Why We Fight
The Bare Minimum
Queen of Shadows

TV & Film

"Sound when stretched is music


Movement when stretched is dance


Mind when stretched is meditation

Musical Theater

Life when stretched is celebration"

- Ravi Shankar


Simón Wilson is a Los-Angeles based musician and composer. Most recently, he has scored music for NBC's Celebrity Escape Room and won back-to-back awards for Best Musical Score in the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project (Time Bender, I Am Seed) while also contributing to Bear McCreary's team on such shows as ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Fox's Proven Innocent. He is currently the full-time assistant to Theodore Shapiro, earning experience and receiving credit on major studio productions (Trolls World Tour, Bombshell, Spies In Disguise). To add to his musical variety, he not only composed, but acted in and musically directed the original Native American musical Something Inside Is Broken that toured California and the Southwest.

As a multi-instrumentalist, including a classically trained voice (BA in Vocal Performance from UC Santa Cruz), the composing abilities are wide-ranging. From the acquisition of modular synths paired with an extensive theoretical background all incorporated into his fully equipped writing room at ELBO Studios, Simón brings as many uninhibited components to his music as possible. When Simon speaks about music, his devotion to telling a story through sound is evident. Simón's profound attention to detail and his gift of precision tied with a relentless work ethic are just some of the qualities that ascend his love for music into a professional, modern composing career.